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Going Out For Tapas

Tapas is one of the best ways to experiment the "Spanish way of life" and the charm of its bars and taverns. The delicious tapas are a varied and select sample of the popular Spanish cuisine that will allow you to share dishes and enjoy a nice meal with friends. All the flavor of Spain in a single meal as the tapas supports virtually all types of products and dishes.

This Spanish tradition started in the seventeenth century and includes from typical Spanish dishes like the jamon serrano, the traditional Spanish omelette or the best seafood from Galicia, to haute cuisine dishes that can also be eaten in small quantities in the form of tapas. In all towns and cities in Spain there are bars and taverns, even entire neighbourhoods, specialized in tapas. These popular establishments include in their offer: chorizo (sausage), morcilla (black pudding), cheeses, salted fish, Anchovies, croquettes, and a many other tapas that could exceed hundreds of specialties.

The chance to taste a selection of different tapas at each of the regions of Spain is another attraction of this combination of little culinary delights thought to satisfy all


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