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About Spanish Wines

Spain is a world class producer of wines, both in quality and in quantity. Better known are the quality reds from the Rioja and Ribera del Duero, reds and whites from the Penedes, fine whites from Rueda, "sherries" from Jerez, and the quality sparkling wine known as cava. But to become acquainted with Spanish wines, you must know that there are 40 recognized wine regions in Spain, you should learn about the grapes and you should be able to interpret the labels amongst other tips, but there is no substitute than to try them for yourself! Depending on the ageing process undergone, the following categories of wine are established:

Wines in their first or second year, which keeps their initial characteristics of freshness and fruit flavour

Wines which are at least in their third year, having spent at least one year in the cask and few months in the bottle.

Selected wines of the best vintages, which due to their excellent potential, have been aged for three years, with at least one year in the oak.

Selected wines from exceptional vintages, which have spent at least two years in oak casks and three years in the bottle.

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